Anzatan Commonwealth
Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks

Starypan/SunHui prides itself on producing affordable military ships for todays galactic troubles. Whilst the big governments produce their own warships to defend their territories with, Starypan/SunHui builds warships for the public to utilize. The goal is to provide paramilitary groups and governments who cannot produce their own vessels a chance to equip themselves with this companies main warship, the Kaloth Battlecruiser.

Aside from military vessels, this company produces ships privately for governments as an overflow as well as civilian style ships such as haulers and personal transport to aid people in their day to day lives. It is a company for both organizations and people ad it strives to provide high quality services for both the private sector and governments.

As a nationalized corporation of the Anzatan Commonwealth this company hopes to live up to the expectations of many planets who rely on the Commonwealth for their infrastructure and security.